Cards vs Sanskaar is a party game for adults. Perhaps the easiest card game you have come across. It contains

  • 305 orange response cards
  • 75 black prompt cards
  • 12 empty cards

Comes neatly packed in a hard box which includes the cards, a short instructional manual and the satisfying smell of a brand new product. The game is professionally printed in India.

It is a fairly straightforward game. All players get 7 orange cards. These are cards with funny responses written on them. The person who can hold the longest mo0O0oo... sound gets selected to become Chairman Cow and start the game. Chairman picks up a black card from the deck which has a prompt. The other Citizens, not Chairman Cow, answer with the funniest orange card in their hand that fits the prompt. Chairman Cow picks their favorite answer and the winner gets the black card and scores a point. Chairman Cow passes their duties on to the person on their right and the round goes around.

It is best played in groups of 5-7 adults who can't wait to blow off some steam and have a good time with their horrible friends.