The Story of Sanskaar

How it all began

Cards vs Sanskaar started as a small prank on April 1st 2018. We set up a fake website where people could sign up for a pre-order of Cards vs Sanskaar. They were redirected to a page that said 'Here's your Visa to Pakistan, you anti-national!', a quip on the on-going dumb sentiment prevalent in our country. Since then, it has grown into a fully fledged game.

Behind the game

We live in a conservative society where a certain few topics have always been taboo. The recent generations have grown up in an environment where we have been sufficiently exposed to Western culture but have not fully explored ours. Cards vs Sanskaar is an attempt to take on the conservatism and explore our roots.

A game of the people, for the people.

The Crowdfunding Campaign

Cards vs Sanskaar was crowdfunded in 2018 by The People, that is to say, 265 unsanskaari, 'anti-national' backers.

The initial amount was raised in record 4 days and the campaign went on to overshoot the initial budget in its lifetime. Cards vs Sanskaar remains forever indebted to The People.

The Campaign

Our Collaborators

Over time we have partnered with likeminded brands across India to organize play tests and game nights.