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Cards vs Sanskaar

Everyone has 7 orange cards

Hold 7 orange cards in your hands at all times. Replenish after each round

Cards vs Sanskaar

Judge picks a black question card

One person starts the round by reading aloud a black card with a question on it

Cards vs Sanskaar

Everyone submits a funny response

Submit an orange card which is most likely to make the judge laugh

Cards vs Sanskaar

Judge selects the funniest

The winner gets one point and the next person in the circle now becomes the judge.


Sure, if your family is that cool. The game contains language and content that most sanskaari families might find objectionable. If you're still going to play with them, that's quite something. Adopt us. Also send us a picture on Instagram.
Because it contains strong language and content which is wholly unsuitable for children. Do not play this around children lest they are left with no sanskaar and a mind full of dark jokes.
For the ones in Mumbai, YES! You can pick it up from our office in Malad. Mail us at or message us on Instagram to arrange that.

The game is in and out of stock across the rest of the country in various shops. Get in touch via the Contact page or mail us directly at yo@cardsvssanskaar. We'll check and let you know.
Yes, yes we do! All across the globe. There is a charge for the shipping though. Takes about 9-10 days to reach most locations around the globe (unless it is super remote).
Yes, but please don't be a dick? Don't damage the box, repack it nicely so we could use it for playtests, gamenights and resell it at a discount as Open Boxes. To return your deck for any reason, mail us at We're a tiny outfit, help small businesses survive please!

We're sad to think you might not like it. Give it a chance, we've tested it with thousands of people with mostly positive reviews all over. Read our Shipping and Return policy here.
If you are in Mumbai, YES! Get in touch at immediately. For folks outside Mumbai, that would be a bit difficult. We are working on enabling fast track shipping. Most deliveries, however, are made within 4-5 days of shipping. If you need urgent shipping drop us a line alongwith your order or at and we'll try our best to expedite delivery.

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